Return & Refund Policy



Returns are not allowed as all goods purchased are non-returnable. We will only allow one (1) exchange provided that the item is damaged, defective, or wrongly purchased item.

We will only accept the exchange if the wrongly purchased book is still in new condition, namely:

  1. the book is unwrapped (with adhesive cellotape);
  2. the book is not written on.

If you received a damaged, defective or wrong item, you are required to contact us within the 14 calendar days from the date order has been delivered/received.

Defective items (missing pages/printing error) are claimable within 60 days from date of purchase.

Please contact us at or WhatsApp us at xxxxx with an image of the item (for damaged or defective items), your name, your contact number and your order number.

We will fully examine damaged or defective items and notify you via e-mail/telephone and resolve your case within the next 5 working days.


Shipping of Returns

Items that are damaged, defective or incorrect must be returned to SBL Books SS2 physical shop during the exchange of items. Please provide receipt during the exchange at the shop.

For any issues regarding the delivery of return items, please contact us so we that we can do the arrangements of the exchange/return. 



No refunds will be allowed for the following conditions:

  1. Any item(s) is damaged/defective

    – We will allow replacement for items that are damaged, defective, or wrongly purchased only.


  2. Change of mind

    – All items are sold “as is”. You assume the responsibility for your purchase.


Exchange of Items

Items exchanged must be with a similar item (e.g. book exchanged for a book). If price of item being exchanged is less than amount initially paid, we will carry out a refund for the difference in which requires you to provide us details such as your full name, bank and bank account number.

If price of item being exchanged is more than amount initially paid, you will be required to make payment for the difference via payment to our bank account number which will be provided to you. Payment will be required to be made before actual exchange of the item takes place.